Nursing: Why do we do this?

When I was 18 years old, I lost my father due to cancer. During my father’s last days in hospice, I cared for him. I spent the night, comforted him, and emptied his urinal. I never imagined myself doing this before. At this pivotal moment in my life, I knew I wanted to have a job where I can care for others.

I am now a mother to five amazing children and have been a nurse for almost five years. I take pride in knowing that I pursued the right career because it has enabled me the gift of giving to others. I have been blessed in meeting and caring for so many. I have encountered many happy, sad, and scared patients. I have learned to humble myself through this profession. This job requires so much from you that sometimes it takes a moment to bring you back from the situations we encounter.

There have been moments where I questioned my decision sometimes to become a nurse. Nurses aren’t always appreciated for their care. Sometimes patients and families don’t understand treatments, directions, and suggestions. These are the times where we must be patient and understanding. These are the times when you are truly tested. It hasn’t been an easy road, but I can tell you that I am a better person because of who I have become.

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